My courses on Udemy

Practical Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithms in Python

This course serves as an entry point to Reinforcement Learning, focusing on training AI agents for sequential decision-making in Multi-Armed Bandit problems. Learners gain hands-on experience implementing strategies for balancing exploration and exploitation. Covering key algorithms like Epsilon Greedy and Thompson Sampling, the course prepares individuals to construct realistic business agents adept at consistently making optimal choices from limited options in uncertain environments.

Applying Bandit Algorithms To Build Live-Learning Systems

This course, a sequel to “Practical Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithms In Python,” focuses on applying MAB knowledge to build and deploy intelligent agents online. Hands-on videos teach how to create web applications with Flask and integrate MAB agents, specifically aimed at improving the click-through rate of online ads. The course emphasizes the transition from simulation-based understanding to real-world application skills necessary for optimizing business goals using live-learning agents in web applications.

Practical Intro To Reinforcement Learning Using Robotics

This course offers a beginner-friendly entry into Reinforcement Learning (RL) with a focus on applications in robotics. Emphasizing hands-on guidance, it caters to those without prior RL or deep learning experience. The content covers classical RL algorithms in robotics, where an agent is learning behaviors through trial-and-error. The course is designed for easy comprehension, providing a foundational understanding of RL concepts within the context of robotics, making it an ideal starting point for individuals interested in applying RL techniques to their robotic projects.

Beyond Wires - Mastering Arduino Radio Control Integration - COMING SOON

“Beyond Wires - Mastering Arduino Radio Control Integration” is an advanced course that elevates Arduino skills by exploring wireless communication, specifically Radio Control (RC) integration. The curriculum covers fundamental to advanced techniques, teaching Arduino enthusiasts how to seamlessly control projects without traditional wired connections. Topics include RC communication protocol, Arduino-compatible transceivers, and hands-on implementation of RC systems. Suitable for hobbyists, tinkerers, and professionals, the course unlocks wireless control potential, fostering innovation and creativity in Arduino projects.